My Slack Emoji

Everybody Deserves Their Own backgroundLayer 1 Emoji

Turning Your Team Photos Into backgroundLayer 1 Emoji Has Never Been Easier



Your team photos.

In any image format.


Processed in 48 hours.

Just $0.99 each.

My Slack Emoji demo


In your Slack.

Let the fun begin.

Emoji are more fun

Use case 1

Why refer to your friends with their name when you can use their custom emoji?

Voting like a boss

Use case 2

Ask your team a question and let them react with their own emoji. Run quick surveys within seconds!

custom emoji created


  • Stupid and pointless. We need this.

  • But shit it was 99 cents!


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No file uploads?
No, let's keep it simple. Place your team photos in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and submit the (public) link to this folder together with your order. We'll take care of the rest!
How do I receive my emoji?
You will receive an email with a link to a Dropbox folder containing your emoji. The images are PNG with transparent background.
How do I upload my emoji to my team's Slack?
Once you have your emoji images ready, it's a piece of cake! If you provide me with access to your team's Slack, I'll be happy to set it up for you free of charge.
How fast?
2 days, tops.
But I can do this myself
Sure. But how valuable is your time? Let's say you value your time at $100/hour. And let's assume you're very fast and can do 1 image per minute. Given that your team has 60 people, you can process their images in one hour. However, 60 images would only cost you $59.4 if you let us help. Rather than spending your valuable time, let us save you 40.6%.
But my designer can do this for me
Sure. Please consider the previous point first.
What's your privacy policy?
You can find the whole document here.